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Georgala & Associates is an Athens based legal practice specializing in assisting foreigners and ex-pats with any legal issues in Greece.

From our experience in living and working abroad we are familiar with the individual business attitudes and nuances that can be associated with differing legal practices across Europe. From personal experiences with both friends and business associates who have invested in Greece, we have identified and can avoid the unique difficulties that can occur when dealing with local interests and customs, and of course legal translation misunderstandings.

Georgala & Associates cooperate with outstanding individual Greek legal professionals in different areas of the country. We have created a well established network of professionals, combining independent advice, personalized service, local knowledge, a professional attitude and excellent communication in our clients’ mother language.

Our activities mainly focus on:

  • Property transactions
  • Tax/ Mortgage Consulting
  • Formation of companies and trademarks
  • Inheritance issues
  • Tourism related legal issues
  • Legal translations
  • Yachting

For more information call Eleni Georgala now on 0030 693 7270560 or email us at


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